Pay your HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union Visa® Business Credit Card in Digital Banking

It's easy to make a business credit card payment right here or on our app

You can make a one-time payment to your Credit Card bill through transfers in Online or Mobile Banking.

Note: Options to pay from an external account or setup recurring payments are NOT available in transfers. You will need to go to Card Management, select "More Credit Card Options", and click the link "Please click here for additional Credit Card Options and Disputes":


Here is how to make a one time payment to your Credit Card from an Internal HawaiiUSA account:

  1. Log in to Online Banking or on the HawaiiUSA Mobile Banking app
  2. Select Transfer & Pay and click Transfers (Recommend using classic transfers tab if using Online)

  1. Select the account you want to pay from (Primary or Joint account)
  2. Select the Credit Card account to pay to

Desktop (Classic transfers tab):

Mobile (Make a Transfer):

  1. Select to pay the current balance, last statement balance, minimum due, past due amount, pay off amount, or custom amount

  1. Select the date

  1. Click Submit Transfer  

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