Quickly move business funds between your HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union accounts, to another member, and to a non-HawaiiUSA account.

Follow these money-transferring steps through Online Banking or our Mobile App

First, log in to Online Banking or the Mobile App then follow these steps:

To create and manage transfers, go to Transfers & Pay and click TRANSFERS

Quick Transfer (Desktop Only)

  1. Click on the Quick tab
  2. Select an Account to Transfer From
  3. Select an Account to Transfer To
  4. Select amount or enter manually
  5. Click Submit Transfer

One Time Transfer

  1. Click on the Classic tab (Desktop) or Make a Transfer (Mobile) 



  1. Choose the account to transfer From
  2. Choose the account to transfer To
  3. Enter the Amount

Future Transfer

  1. Select a future date in the “Start date” field

Recurring Transfer

  1. Select desired frequency

  1. Enter an Ending for your recurring transfer (Never, On__, After __ Occurrences)

Optional: Enter a Transfer Memo

Submit Transfer

  1. Once you filled in the desired fields for your transfer, Click Submit

To review and manage your transfer, as well as future and/or recurring transfers, click on Scheduled Transfers to see a calendar or all your transfer activity.


Mobile (Click Scheduled button to expand list of scheduled transfers):


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