Monitor activity 24/7

Know exactly when your business account gets used

Fight fraud

Spot suspicious activity immediately

Choose from dozens of alerts

Select what account activity you want to keep tabs on

Change alerts anytime

You're in control of the information you want to receive

Set up helpful Digital Banking alerts via email, text, and push notifications.

Update contact info and preferences

Change Mobile Phone Number

  1. Go to the "Settings"
  2. Select the "Contact" tab
  3. Add/edit phone number by clicking the edit (pencil) icon

  1. Check mark the box stating "I would like to receive SMS text messages to this number"
  2. Click "Send a code via text"
  3. A verification code will be sent to your device. Please check your Messages/Messaging App to retrieve and enter the code to verify the phone number for SMS text messages

  1. Once done, save changes
  2. You may also update or enter additional email addresses, just be aware that communications will be sent to the address you select as "preferred" 


Add Email

  1. In the Settings, click the “Contact” tab


  1. Scroll down to the Email Address section and click “Add Email”
  2. Create a nickname for your email address
  3. Enter in your new email address
  4. Confirm the email address by re-entering it in the field below
  5. (Optional) Select “Set as preferred contact email” to get notifications sent to that email address
  6. Click “Save Changes”



Get SMS, Email, or Push Alerts

If you've already enabled your mobile phone for SMS (text), follow these steps to set up your alerts.

  1. Select the Financial Toolstab, then select Alerts

  1. Choose the Alert category


  1. For the “Accounts” Alerts, members will have the option to specify which account (s) to setup the Alerts


  1. Enable desired Alert(s)
  2. Enable desired delivery method (Email, SMS, Push), member may select more than one.
  3. Select which email and/or mobile devices to send the notifications to
  4. Click “Save” to update changes


NOTE: If the desired SMS phone number does not appear, member may need to confirm their mobile phone number in Settings > Contact









Here are the different type of Alerts you can choose from:


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