Privacy Policy and Disclosures

Information Specific To Our Web Site

For site security, HawaiiUSA FCU's software programs monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or otherwise cause damage to our system.

For site management, information is collected for internal statistical purposes. A software program is used to summarize the information and assessments are made in areas such as system performance and design specification. No personal information, such as your name or address, is collected or used for this analysis. No information is collected to identify you personally.

Our software does collect and store only the information about your visit to our web site. This includes: The Internet domain and IP address (the number automatically assigned to your computer while on the web) from which you access our web site. The date and time you access our site. The pages you visit and the result of the request.

HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union's web site contains "links" to other web sites for products or services we feel are benefits or of interest to our membership. HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union assumes no liability for the content of these sites.

Your name and address will not be sold to any mailing lists or to any merchants. We are in the business of serving our members and not marketing those lists to anyone. Any information disclosed to HawaiiUSA FCU in the normal course of business will be held in confidence.

Online Privacy Policy

HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union's (“HawaiiUSA”, “us”, “we” and “our”) Online Privacy Policy (“Policy”) applies to information that we collects about our customers and other visitors (“you” and “your”) when you interact with us at any online or mobile site or application that we own or control (“Site”). In particular, this Policy describes what information we collect, how we use it, and your options for limiting certain uses of your personal information. By using our Sites, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Policy. Other privacy policies may also apply in addition to the terms of this Policy.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

We collect personal information that you provide to us when you visit our Sites, such as when you apply or register for our products and services, communicate with us, respond to surveys, enter contests or promotions, or link external accounts using our account aggregation tool. We also collect personal information from your computer, smartphone, or other mobile device through the use of cookies (described further below).

We may use third party service providers to process personal information on our behalf. Our service providers are contractually obligated to comply with our policies to protect information we share with them or that they collect on our behalf.

Types of personal information we collect online
The type of personal information we collect from and about you online will depend on how you interact with us and may include:

  • Contact and identity information, such as name, address, mailing address, email address, phone number, date of birth, social security, username and password, and other information that directly identifies you
  • Application information, such as credit and income information
  • Account-related information, such as account number, credit/debit card number, account balances, account history, information about beneficiaries and joint account holders, and other information related to your HawaiiUSA accounts and third-party accounts you link using our account aggregation tool
  • Transaction information, such as credit/debit card purchases, payment or transaction history, third party billing information, and other transaction details
  • Information from your computer, smartphone, or other mobile device, such as:
    • Unique device identifiers (e.g. – IP addresses)
    • Browser type, version, language and display/screen settings. Information about how you use and interact with our Sites (e.g. – page visited or links clicked).
    • Responses to advertisements on the sites where we advertise
    • Log information such as your search queries in the mobile app
    • Search engine referrals
    • Geo-location information with your consent (e.g. – branch/ATM locator tool, etc.)

If you disclose any information relating to other people to us or to our service providers when you visit or use the Sites, you represent that you have the authority to disclose that information and the authority to permit us to use the information in accordance with this Policy.

How We Use Your Personal Information
Personal Information we collect from and about you through your use of our Sites may be used for many purposes, such as:

  • Delivering products and services, such as processing applications, processing transactions, consolidating financial account information in our account aggregation service, and locating our nearby branches and ATMs
  • Detecting and preventing fraud, identity theft and other risks to you and HawaiiUSA
  • Personalizing your digital experience by enhancing the overall Site organization and design and sending you relevant alerts via text, email, or push notifications
  • Advertising and marketing, such as providing offers for products and services via mail, email, or phone, displaying online advertising, targeting our offers or promotions, conducting market research, and evaluating or improving the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.
  • Performing analytics concerning your use of our online services, including your responses to our emails and the pages and advertisements you view
  • Complying with and enforcing applicable legal requirements, industry standards, contractual obligations and HawaiiUSA polices

We retain personal information for a period of time as required by laws and regulations and the necessary business purpose.

Who we share personal information with
We may share personal information we collect with our affiliates, service providers, marketing partners, credit bureaus, government authorities as required by laws and regulations, and third parties with whom you authorize or direct us to share your information. We may also share aggregated and/or de-identified information (i.e. – where information that identifies you personally has been removed or obscured) with third parties for any purpose.


A cookie is a small text file sent from a website to a computer or other internet-connected device when you visit a website. We use the term “cookies” here for similar technology such as pixel tags and web beacons. Cookies are commonly used on websites to support the functioning of the website and for interest-based advertising.

How we use cookies
To provide better service and a more effective website, we use cookies as part of our interaction with your browser. These cookies record information about your device, including web browser type, mobile OS, and type of device, IP address and information about your visit to our Sites, such as whether your computer has visited our Sites before, what security requirements and browser preferences your computer requires, the date and time when you visit our Sites, and how you reached our Sites. You may also be prompted when using certain features on the site like branch locator to allow access to location data on your device.

Cookies on our site may specifically be used to:

  • Make the user experience more member-friendly;
  • Develop new and improved products, services, and marketing;
  • Generate site analytics that improve our site layout, content, product offerings and services;
  • Match personal data collected here with data about you that we collect through other sources; and/or
  • Comply with legal requirements.

We also use cookies to advertise on third-party websites. When you visit certain pages on our Sites, a special type of cookie is sent to your computer. This cookie records information about your visit to our Sites, such as the date and time when you visited our Sites and which portions of our Sites you visited. When you visit third party websites that are part of a certain advertising network, this cookie will be accessed by the third-party website, and a HawaiiUSA advertisement may appear on the third party website.

We also use web analytics services on our Site from the third-party service provider Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information which helps us analyze how users use our Sites. Click here to learn more about how Google uses data when you use our partners' websites or apps.

Information about online tracking
Some browsers incorporate a Do Not Track feature that signals to websites you visit that you do not want to have your online activity tracked. How browsers communicate the Do Not Track signal is not uniform. As a result, our Sites are not set up to interpret or respond to Do Not Track signals communicated by your browser.

Your Options to Limit Use of Personal Information

Email addresses
If you provide us an email address, we may send you e-mails with information on new products or services or other marketing materials. If you do not wish to receive such e-mails, you may unsubscribe from future e-mails by clicking the “unsubscribe” link that is included in every marketing e-mail. If you choose to unsubscribe from marketing e-mails, we may still send you emails about your accounts or for other non-marketing purposes.

Phone numbers
If you supply us with a phone number online, you may receive calls from us. If your phone number is listed on the National Do Not Call Registry, we will not call you for marketing purposes unless you have an existing business relationship with us. You may also opt-out of marketing calls for a period of five years by requesting that we place your phone number on our HawaiiUSA Do Not Call Registry. If you opt out of marketing calls, we may still call you about your accounts or for other non-marketing purposes.

You can opt out of receiving certain advertisements on third party websites through the cookie-based process described above by going to and following the instructions to opt out of all companies shown. In addition, you may set your web browser to reject third party cookies; however, this may negatively impact your ability to access some features on our Sites. To learn about opting out of Google Analytics, you may visit

Other privacy rights
For certain consumers, our HawaiiUSA Privacy Policy governs how we share certain information with affiliates and third parties and enables you to opt out of certain types of sharing.

Keeping Your Information Secure

To protect your personal information from unauthorized access and use, we implement security measures that comply with applicable federal and state laws. These measures may include encrypting files, multi-factor authentication, maintaining internal physical and technical security controls, and oversight of our third-party service providers to ensure personal information remains confidential and secure.

You can help maintain the security of your banking information by not sharing your User Name or Password with anyone, by changing your Password regularly, and by remembering to sign off.

Children’s Privacy

We do not knowingly solicit data from children under 13, and we do not market online products or services to children. We recognize that protecting children's identities and privacy online is important and that the responsibility to do so rests with both the online industry and with parents.

To learn more about the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), please visit the National Credit Union Administration Regulatory Alert or the Federal Trade Commission’s website.

Additional Information

Third-party Aggregation Services
Some companies offer aggregation services that allow you to consolidate account information from different sources, including your accounts with us, so that you can view them in one location and, in some cases, perform certain actions on your accounts ("Providers”). Providers may request that you authorize them or their service providers to access your HawaiiUSA accounts on your behalf, such as by logging into HawaiiUSA online using your login credentials. If you provide such authorization, the Provider will have access to personal and account information that is visible to you in HawaiiUSA online. Use of this information by the Provider is governed by your agreement with them, not with HawaiiUSA.

We are not responsible for the use or disclosure of any personal information accessed by any Provider or other third party to whom you provide your username and passcode. If you share your HawaiiUSA username and passcode with others, we will consider that you have authorized any transaction or action initiated by those Providers or other third parties using the access information you provided.

You should use caution and ensure that the Provider has appropriate policies and practices to protect the privacy and security of any personal information you provide or to which they are gaining access. If you decide to revoke the authority you have given to a Provider, we recommend you change your HawaiiUSA passcode to ensure the Provider can no longer access your personal and account information.