Reduce paper clutter

Go paper-free to streamline physical documents and filing

Stay secure

Remove the risk of access to your account info through the mail

Access statements earlier

eStatements are available in Digital Banking sooner than mailed statements

Organize your statements easily

Retain several months' worth of statements in a centralized location

Enroll in HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union eStatements to simplify your bookkeeping.

Put your financial files in better order

Please note, only primary account owners can access eStatements.

To access your eStatements, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Manage Accounts” tab
  2. Click “eStatements”

  1. In Subscription Settings, click the “v” dropdown

  1. Click the gear icon next to Account or Credit Card Statements

  1. Select “Online”
  2. Click “Continue”

  1. Review the disclosure 
  2. Check mark the “I Agree” box'
  3. Open PDF
  4. Enter the 5 characters from the PDF
  5. Click “Save”

  1. Click the Statements tab to view Account eStatements and the Credit Card tab to view Credit Card eStatements


How to view tax documents

1099 tax forms are issued only for accounts that earn $10 or more in income per year.

1098 tax forms are issued only when a homeowner's mortgage interest paid is $600 or more for the year. 

If you meet the above conditions, HawaiiUSA issues the forms by the end of January each year.

Tax forms are issued in these ways:

  1. Through Online or Mobile Banking: Log in to your account, then enroll in our free eStatements service. You'll then be able to access your monthly statements and annual tax documents, if applicable, through the eStatements in Digital Banking. Note that you will only be able to view statements and tax documents for the primary account associated with your Digital Banking profile; joint accountholders will not be able to view them. 
  2. Mail: Your tax document(s) will be mailed to the address we have on file.


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