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Manage your business credit and debit cards through Online Banking and our Mobile App.

How to block and unblock your HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union business cards

The primary account owner can manage card controls or provide access to subusers to manage their own card controls.

Let's start with how to block or unblock your debit card. Keep reading for credit card instructions.

You can block/unblock your debit card through Online Banking or the Mobile Banking app. Here’s how:

1. Go to the “Financial Tools” tab and click “Credit & Debit Card Controls


2. Select desired Debit Card

3. Click the dropdown for Block/ Unblock

4. If card is unblocked, click “Block this card”. If card is blocked, click “Unblock this card”


To manage a HawaiiUSA Credit Card

Go to the “Financial Tools” tab and click “Credit & Debit Card Controls

  1. Select desired Credit Card
  2. Click the desired credit card
  3. Click the dropdown for “Block/ Unblock”

  1. Click the link to Block/ Unblock your credit card


  1. Once you’re on the card management site, click the “Lock” option to block your credit card. Click the “Unlock” option to unlock your credit card

By blocking the credit card, it will get declined when attempting a purchase.


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