Monitor account activity

Know exactly when your business account gets used

Delegate responsibilities

Set up different users while your account remains secure

Fight against fraud

Spot suspicious activity immediately so you can react

Change your settings anytime

As the business owner, you control all employees' clearances

Set up specific user permissions for your business accounts.

Configure user permissions within HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union's Digital Banking

  • Add business sub user(s)
  • Assign account permissions
  • Make transfers
  • Allowed to pay bills (configurable dollar limits)
  • External
  • M2M (Member-To-Member)
  • eStatements
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Edit Business Contact Information

Create your business sub users and assign account permissions.

Set up roles and permissions

Important: At least one role must be created to add a sub-user

  1. Click the Business Tools tab, then Business Admin


  1. In the Users tab, click Create User


  1. Enter the sub user’s information and enter an available username
  2. Select desired permissions
  3. Choose the Account(s) you want to grant sub user access to
  4. Select desired Account Permissions
  5. Click Submit to save
  6. The sub user will receive an email with their temporary password once they are set up