Build credit

Make on-time payments to create a history of responsible use

Borrow against your savings account

Your deposits continue to earn dividends within the savings account

Competitive interest rates

Reach your goals while paying less in interest costs

Enroll in our Credit Protection Plan

Provides peace of mind and coverage if you lose your job

Build credit while getting the funds you need with the Share Secured Loan from HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union.

  • Ideal for people with low or no credit history who've been denied on past loan applications
  • Uses your Savings Account balance as collateral, which determines how much you can borrow
  • Pay bills, finance purchases, and more

Improve your credit score, improve your financial well-being

It's possible when you borrow money with a Secured Loan.

Credit Card

Get some cash for spending.

Get a cash back credit card with 1% unlimited cash back and no annual fee.

Secure Loan Resources

Frequently asked questions

Yes, businesses can work with HawaiiUSA's Business Partnerships Team to get Credit Union membership, financial education, and other beneficial tools for their employees at no cost. Speak with our team today.

You can apply for a membership by opening an account online, or if you are a current member, you can open a secondary savings and checking account! You may be eligible to join HawaiiUSA if:

  • You or a member of your family or household is in the field of education as an employee, retiree, student or student's parent in a majority of Hawaii schools, pre-K through 12th grade
  • You are affiliated with any of our 10,000+ Select Employee Groups (SEGs)
  • Your immediate family member is a HawaiiUSA member 

Yes! Immediate family of HawaiiUSA members can apply online to open an account. Additional eligibility options are also available.