Mobile Deposits

Incoming: deposit checks anytime, anywhere
through your mobile device.



How to setup:


Step 1: Select Deposit Check

Step 2: Click the account you’re depositing into and enter in the amount of the check being deposited

Step 3: Follow the on-screen prompts and take a photo of the check. When endorsing checks, you must include “For HawaiiUSA mobile deposit only” and your signature




Bill Pay

Outgoing: you’ve got payments to make; we’ve got you covered. Reimburse a friend for lunch or pay your phone bill each month.



How to setup:


Step 1: Go to Transfer & Pay

Step 2: Select Bill Pay

Step 3: Select the payee or add a new payee

Step 4: Select which account you’re making a payment from,
enter in the amount, and click Submit Payment to complete



Digital Banking made easy.