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Keep a closer eye on identity theft with HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union and IDX

Choose HawaiiUSA ID Restore that requires you to monitor your credit, or opt for a more robust plan. 

Services Included HawaiiUSA ID Restore Essentials Premier
Unlimited assistance from recovery specialists
Complete recovery
Limited Power of Attorney (POA)
Dedicated recovery specialist
Pre-existing conditions covered
Personal expenses$1 million$1 million
Lawyer expert coverage$1 million$1 million
1B credit monitoring
3B credit monitoring
1B credit report
3B credit report
Dark web
Social media privacy protection
Lost wallet
Credit lock
Cost$2 per month; deducted from Share or Share Draft. For eLife Checking account holders, ID Restore is free!$6.99 per month (self); $8.99 per month (family - 2 adults, 5 minors)$9.75 per month (self); $17.75 per month (family - 2 adults, 5 minors)
How to enrollSchedule an appointment at a HawaiiUSA Branch or call (808) 534.4300 | Toll-free: (800) 379.1300Enroll nowEnroll now

33% of Americans face some form of identity theft at some point in their lives.* HawaiiUSA can help you take back control.

With losses from identity theft costing Americans $5.8 billion in 2021, as well as a new case occurring every 22 seconds, the digital world can be a scary reality for the unprotected.* That’s why we’ve partnered with IDX, a comprehensive identity monitoring and protection service used by Fortune 500 firms and government institutions. IDX offers a wide variety of identity protection services such as credit bureau monitoring and dark web monitoring through more comprehensive plans.

How is IDX credit monitoring different from what my credit card already does?

What your credit card provider can’t identify is actual identity theft, in which a criminal would use your personal information to open new accounts in your name. Credit monitoring uses credit bureau data to detect changes to your credit file, such as address changes, name changes or new accounts. Identity thieves go to great lengths to cover their tracks so they can use a stolen identity for as long as possible before detection. For instance, opening accounts in your name and social security number but at a new address helps to avoid discovery. This is where credit monitoring can help identify if it is actual identity theft.

Nearly half of all U.S. citizens became a victim of some form of identity theft in 2020*

For $2.00 a month, our HawaiiUSA ID Restore Program, a basic restoration plan, will assist you in restoring your credit to pre-theft status should your identity be compromised. This program relies on you to monitor your credit. For those who have an eLife checking account, this program is complimentary.


* Source:,from%204.7%20million%20in%202020

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