At HawaiiUSA, our mission is to help you to make wise choices. And that starts with making financial wellness an understandable component of your daily life. Financial wellness is the process of learning how to successfully manage your money, both income and expense, as well as any borrowing you may need to finance your financial goals. Your ability to manage your financial wellness is also a key component to being able to handle financial-related stress through keeping track of everyday and future expenses, making a budget, responsibly finding the best personal loans for your situation, and sticking to savings and spending goals.


HawaiiUSA Personal Loan: the single answer for multiple needs

While on your financial wellness journey, getting a Personal Loan can help in a variety of ways—some you may not have even realized. For some, a Personal Loan becomes a useful financial tool to accessing much needed money to cover unexpected expenses like medical bills or car repairs. For others, a Personal Loan can help bridge the gap on big purchase or upcoming events like trips or education-related expenses. And of course, there's the cost-savings benefit that comes with low-interest Personal Loans as an alternative to high-interest rates through consolidating debt. 

What can a HawaiiUSA Personal Loan do for me?

Cover an emergency auto repair

Sometimes your vehicle isn’t as dependable as you think. A HawaiiUSA Personal Loan can get you back on the road quickly.


Assist with medical costs

Life can be filled with unexpected moments. A HawaiiUSA Personal loan can be that lifeline to safety and security.


Consolidate other debt

Instead of making payments to multiple creditors each month, make the wise choice and get a Personal Loan to consolidate them all. Debt consolidation can potentially lower your interest rate, reduce your monthly payments, and shorten the time it takes to pay off your debt.


Pay for a family vacation

A HawaiiUSA Personal Loan can help you get to your travel destination faster.



Make home improvements

Remodeling your home can be costly. A HawaiiUSA Personal Loan can help you fund your design ideas into reality.


Help cover education-related expenses

Furthering your education comes with many more cost considerations than just tuition. A HawaiiUSA Personal Loan can help you be prepared to handle them all.


Fund your dream wedding

If you’re planning to tie the knot, a HawaiiUSA Personal Loan can help make your big day come to life.


Improve your credit score

A HawaiiUSA Personal Loan can help you to build up and establish your credit history. And full, on-time payments can help boost your score.


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Should You Get a Personal Loan?

A Personal Loan is usually a good choice for people who want to consolidate debt quickly, don't have or want to leverage equity in their home, or perhaps just need a little help covering finance gaps that are hindering them from their financial goals. For example, if you have credit card accounts that are racking up a lot of interest, a Personal Loan can help you to pay off those cards while consolidating them into a single, easy monthly payment—possibly with a lower interest rate! Lower interest means smaller, more manageable payments, which over time may free up money for savings or other expenses.

Another great reason to use a Personal Loan is to better manage your budget and handle life’s unexpected expenses. Let’s say your car breaks down and you’re unable to pay in-full for the service with the unbudgeted money you have available. A Personal Loan can help you cover the extra cost so that you’re not taking away money from other essential areas and help keep your budget on track. And speaking of budget and tracking expenses, a Personal Loan offers you peace of mind with its fixed interest rate scheduled monthly payments. Knowing exactly how much and when you need to make payments can help you to better manage your money.


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*Annual Percentage Rate. Personal Loan offer valid on all applications received beginning June 1, 2019 until August 31, 2019 (Payment example: Loan amount of $1,000 at 2.49% APR for 12 months would have a monthly principal and interest payment of $84.34). Loan amount must meet $1,000 minimum requirement. New money only. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Subject to HawaiiUSA’s loan terms and conditions. Membership guidelines may apply. Insured by NCUA.