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Savings & Certificates

When you need smart options for saving more money and growing your account, see how HawaiiUSA's Savings & Certificates can deliver. We can assist with a savings strategy that meets short- and long-term goals. To get started, visit us at any of our locations today.

Savings & Certificates
  • Savings

    Our personal savings accounts are structured with competitive rates and plenty of convenient features.

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  • Certificates


    When you want to grow short-term savings at a higher rate, Certificates offer an easy solution.

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  • Health Savings Accounts

    Plan for future medical expenses for yourself, your spouse and your dependents with this interest-bearing account.

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    Health Savings Accounts
  • IRAs


    Creating a roadmap toward retirement can begin with HawaiiUSA's Traditional and Roth IRAs.

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  • Youth Savings Accounts

    Young children and students learn the value of using money wisely through two age-appropriate savings accounts.

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    Youth Savings Accounts
  • Regulation D

    Regulation D

    What is Regulation D and what does it mean for you?

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