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January 16, 2024


Island Life's Nikki Holbrook talks story with HawaiiUSA about our scholarship. Now accepting applications for 22 scholarships at $2,000 each! Apply before the deadline of February 10, 2024.

Watch the interview with Katey Mobley, Chief Growth Officer at HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union, and Marc Gamayo, one of the 2023 Scholarship recipients and undergraduate student at Chapman University.


Since 1990, HawaiiUSA’s scholarship program has supported our graduating high school and post-secondary members. Since then, the credit union has awarded 560 scholarships for a total of $843,500. This year, we increased the number of awards from 20 to 22 scholarships at $2,000 each, making the total amount of scholarship money to be distributed $44,000. We’re very proud of this program and are excited to see the pool of applicants this year.

Here’s a tip: if you are not yet a member, become one today and you’ll be eligible to apply in the future! Eight of our scholarships are for undergraduate or graduate students so you can apply each year.