Protect your accounts and identity

Spot suspicious activity immediately

Monitor activity 24/7

Know when and if your account and cards get used

Choose from dozens of alerts for free

Decide what activity you want to keep an eye on

Change your alerts anytime

Control the information you want to receive 

Automatic updates keep you in control of your accounts and cards.

Here are the types of Digital Banking Alerts you can receive

Digital Banking Alerts Debit Alerts Credit Card Member Alerts
Type*Text, push, and/or emailText and/or emailText and/or email
What should I use it for?

Keeping track of things like:

  • What's my balance?
  • Did a check clear?
  • Has my transfer or other transaction posted?
  • Am I close to going negative on my account?
Being immediately notified when there’s a transaction made with your Debit CardBeing notified when there’s a transaction made with your Credit Card and payment reminders
How to enrollIn Digital Banking, go to Manage Accounts and select AlertsVisit Digital Banking, go to Financial Tools, select Credit & Debit Card Management, turn on Credit Card Authorization Alerts
Step-by-step guideView belowView belowView below

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Log in to Digital Banking (New to Digital Banking? Enroll here.)

Step 2: Go to Financial Tools

Step 3: Select Alerts

Step 4: Toggle on/off desired Alerts

Step 5: Select delivery method

Step 6: Select the types of alerts you want to receive: Remote Deposit Completed, General Alerts, Automatic Deposit Alert, Automatic Withdrawal Alert, Balance Alert, Balance Summary Alert, Check Cleared Alert, Debit Card Purchase Alert, Insufficient Funds Alert, Regulated Savings Transfer Alert, Transaction Alert, Transaction Description Alert, External Transfer, Account Blocked Alert, External Transfer, Canceled Alert, External Transfer, Submitted Transfer Fails, Transfer Succeeds, Savings Goal Completed Alert, Savings Goal Endangered Alert, and Online Banking Access Alerts


Step 1: Register your Debit Card

Step 2: Click on “Register / Manage”

Step 3: Enter your HawaiiUSA Debit Card number to enroll your card

Step 4: Acknowledge the Debit Alerts Terms & Conditions and click “Next”

Step 5: Authenticate your Debit Card by answering the security questions

Step 6: Enter a Nickname for your Debit Card, as well as the receiving email and telephone number

Step 7: Click on “Complete Registration”

Step 8: From your Alert Management portal, click on “Add New Alert” to be notified on international transactions, online activity, decline transactions, and large transactions


Step 1: Log in to Digital Banking (New to Digital Banking? Enroll here.)

Step 2: Go to Financial Tools

Step 3: Select Credit & Debit Card Controls

Step 4: Select your Credit Card and enable Authorization Alerts

Step 5: Select preferred alert delivery method (You are able to update contact information in the Settings, Contact tab)


Standard text messaging rates and additional charges may apply from your mobile carrier. Contact your mobile carrier for pricing and details.

Digital Banking FAQs

If you get locked of of digital banking, you will need to reset your password through Online Banking or Mobile Banking. Click on "New User? or Forgot Password?". This link is located on the login box on the homepage and follow the prompts to reset your access. For your security, Digital Banking access is deactivated if you do not log in for six months. If your access expires, you may re-enroll as a new user but you will need to select a new Username and Password. 

  • Loan Payments: Log into your HawaiiUSA Digital Banking account or Mobile App and click the Transfers widget to schedule a one-time or recurring payment to your HawaiiUSA loan.
  • Credit Card Automatic Payments: Options to pay from an external account or setup recurring payments are NOT available in the transfers widget. To manage external credit card payments and/or recurring payments, you will need to go to the Card Management, click More Credit Card Options, and click “Please click here for additional Credit Card Options and Disputes”
  • Loan or Credit Card payment to another financial institution: Use our Link Accounts feature you can see all your accounts from every institution in one place:
    • Log in to Digital Banking from our website
    • Click on the Settings option from the dropdown menu by your username in the top right corner
    • Click on the Accounts tab
    • Click on Link an External Account and follow the on-screen instructions

To learn about the features that make HawaiiUSA Digital Banking the best solution for you, see our Digital Banking page.

Click the “New User” link to enroll in Digital Banking or “Sign up now” in the mobile app.

You’ll need to verify your identity by entering your:

  • 4-6 digit primary account number
  • SSN/TIN/EIN (no dashes)

And only entering ONE of the following:

  • Date of birth
  • or Email
  • or ZIP code

1. From the mobile app, log into Digital Banking, then go to "Manage Accounts" 
2. Click "eStatements," then go to "Settings" 
3. Select "Online" for your Account Statements and follow the instructions

1099 tax forms are issued only for accounts that earn $10 or more in income per year.

1098 tax forms are issued only when a homeowner's mortgage interest paid is $600 or more for the year.

If you meet the above conditions, we issue the forms by the end of January each year.

Tax forms are issued in these ways:

  1. Through Online or Mobile Banking: Log in to your account, then enroll in our free eStatements service. You'll then be able to access your monthly statements and annual tax documents, if applicable, through the eStatements in Digital Banking. Note that you will only be able to view statements and tax documents for the primary account associated with your Digital Banking profile; joint accountholders will not be able to view them.
  2. Mail: Your tax document(s) will be mailed to the address we have on file.

Digital Banking Resources