Board of Directors

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These appointed volunteers are responsible for the general direction and control of the credit union. The Board's responsibilities include:

  • Guiding HawaiiUSA's mission and strategic direction
  • Maintaining HawaiiUSA's financial stability while ensuring opportunities for long term growth
  • Selecting, supervising, and supporting the CEO to accomplish HawaiiUSA's mission and goals


Supervisory Committee

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The Supervisory Committee is appointed by the Board and is a direct link of communication for our members. The committee's responsibilities include:

  • Working with the Internal Auditor to ensure the assets of the credit union are managed safely and soundly and the Board functions in a manner beneficial to the members
  • Verifying that management carries out the policies of the Board of Directors and complies with all applicable laws and government regulations.
  • Assisting members if they believe there is a problem with their account


Executive Leadership Team

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This team includes the CEO and Chief Officers. They lead the workforce, manage operations, and drive performance. Responsibilities include:

  • Contributing to strategic direction and cascading throughout the organization
  • Creating strong alignment between the organization’s values and priorities and the behavior and performance of the workforce
  • Identifying and overseeing strategic and operational risks