Meet the volunteers whose decisions for HawaiiUSA FCU's future are made with the credit union's financial stability and members' best interests in mind. 

  • Harlan Y. Kimura, Chair
  • Roberta Mayor, Vice Chair
  • Alan M. Schlissel, Treasurer
  • Rita S. Ornellas, Secretary
  • Jean H. Miyahira, Director
  • Paul Mow, Director
  • Stevette Santiago, Director
  • Terry Visperas, Director

If you would like to be considered for a Board of Director position in the future, please review our nomination process when a vacancy arises.


HawaiiUSA FCU's Supervisory Committee always operates with our members' long-term interests in mind. These volunteers ensure that our operations are appropriate. These are the current members: 

Denise Yoshida, Chair
Ethan Tomokiyo, Vice Chair
Reed Hisamoto, Secretary
Elton Kinoshita, Member


For more information about the Supervisory Committee, click here.