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May 12, 2022

HI Now host Kainoa Carlson speaks with HawaiiUSA’s Stacie Rosa to learn about our support for local teachers through their partnership with Chaminade University. 


HawaiiUSA FCU has partnered with Chaminade University to provide support to local educators looking to further their education!

Participating teachers will earn 3 course credit hours that can go towards their academic journey, which can then be applied to the chance for reclassification and higher pay. In addition to being the scholarship sponsor, HawaiiUSA will also supplement coursework by bringing in Subject Matter Experts to offer integrated financial wellness workshops and working seminars to enhance what’s being taught during the workshop. After the completion of the course, those participating teacher will then be equipped and able to take what they learned, as well as apply lesson plans developed during their time there, and bring it into their classrooms. This not only serves as a way to provide their students much needed, highly relevant subject matter, it also aims to satisfy the legislative requirements for financial education in the classroom!