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May 27, 2022

See the interview with Kainoa Carlson of HI Now, HawaiiUSA’s Bryan Yucoco, and Waipahu High School’s Brent Murakami

Developing and supporting a program where students gain real word financial experience and confidence has been at the core of HawaiiUSA FCU. That’s why back in 1991, HawaiiUSA partnered with Waipahu High School to start their very own Student Operated Credit Union (SOCU). HawaiiUSA has since started many SOCUs by subsequently partnering with schools across the island!

Together with HawaiiUSA, Waipahu High School students acquire knowledge on how to develop and operate their own credit union branch on campus. What started off as a class and a partnership through student internships became an actual operating branch where students can open accounts, make deposits, and withdraw money. HawaiiUSA has even been training students to become program instructors! Financial literacy is one of the most important skills to have, and HawaiiUSA is doing their part in ensuring our keiki’s future!

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