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March 31, 2023

The credit union teams up with college student-athletes in sponsorship partnerships in 2023

HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union has announced a sponsorship partnership with six University of Hawaiʻi student-athletes to launch its Team Kasasa campaign, a promotional campaign to drive the credit union’s Kasasa Cash Back® Checking.

The six UH athletes are:

  • Tamatoa Mokiao-Atimalala - UH Football, Wide Receiver
  • Kelci Sumida - UH Women's Soccer, Midfielder
  • Jordan Donahue - UH Baseball, Infielder
  • Alyssa Mae Antolin - UH Women's Track & Field
  • Andre Ilagan - UH Men's Tennis
  • Taylor Ledgerwood - UH Sailing

“Team Kasasa is a new campaign to launch our commitment to further promote financial wellness in the community, specifically with college students and young adults,” says Greg Young, president and CEO of HawaiiUSA. “These student-athletes are individuals who are living in a consequential time in their lives, where managing money and attending college can present life altering financial decisions,” Young adds. “We are excited to partner with these six outstanding athletes to help their peers gain the confidence to manage their money in a practical and rewarding way.”

HawaiiUSA’s Team Kasasa Athletes serve as ambassadors to help advocate the credit union’s promotional programs and financial wellness initiatives. While the terms of the sponsorship agreements are confidential, HawaiiUSA plans to offer added opportunities for its Team Kasasa Athletes beyond the sponsorship, and community service experiences.