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June 2, 2022

The credit union has funded nearly 900 Department of Education teachers stipends since 2001, with a total of $18,210 awarded in 2022.

HawaiiUSA recently completed another round of professional support stipends for Department of Education (DOE) teachers, awarding a total of $8,830 for coursework completed in 2021 to 28 educators across the state, plus an additional $9,380 for coursework completed in 2020 to 28 additional teachers. This stipend program was established in 2001 to help fund professional development opportunities for Hawaii’s teachers while upholding HawaiiUSA’s commitment to educators and overall education. Since its inception in 2001, HawaiiUSA has funded professional support stipends for nearly 900 teachers.

“The Professional Support Stipend is one of the ways HawaiiUSA continues our tradition of supporting educators in Hawaii,” says Greg Young, president and CEO of HawaiiUSA. “While the stipend is awarded to an individual, we know the skills and knowledge they gain from seeking career development opportunities will positively impact the students they serve.”

Through a common commitment to support educators’ desire for career growth, HawaiiUSA and the Hawaii DOE’s Personnel Development Branch formed a partnership to extend opportunities for career enhancement for educators. Eligible teachers must be a primary member of HawaiiUSA with an account in good standing and length of time as a member, and they must be employed by the Hawaii DOE as a professional or paraprofessional educator.

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