Everyone has their ideal dream car, but is your dream car the right car for you?

Everyone has their ideal dream car, but is your dream car the right car for you? Buying a vehicle can be as stressful as it is exciting so before you decide, take some time to look at these Life matters tips so you can make a confident vehicle choice.

When considering buying a new car, it’s easy to think of a lot of questions. What kind of car do I want? Should I get a used car? How big or small of a car should I get? What color? How many seats? What kind of seats? While these questions, and many more, are necessary to ask, we’ve created some tips to help you along your car buying process.



+ Most new cars come with a manufacturer’s warranty 

+ New cars do not have any previous “wear and tear”  

– New cars depreciate very quickly (~11% immediately after you leave the dealership)

+ New cars can be easily customized before the sale is finalized

*Extended warranties can be purchased for future protection

– Most used cars do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty

– Used cars sold by private sellers (vs. a car dealership) may have a higher risk of repairs

+ Used cars are substantially cheaper than brand new ones

+ Saved money can be used to buy accessories or updates

*Extended warranties can be purchased for future protection

Insurance and Warranties

Regardless if you get a new car or a used car, protection is important. Make sure the dealership isn’t tricking you into paying more money for given protection. Most new vehicles (and some used vehicles) come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Knowing this warranty will help you make an educated decision about additional warranties and insurance.



+ Own car (or paying to own)

+ No additional charges pertaining to the car after it is paid in full

– Maintenance and repair fees are owner’s responsibility

– Larger monthly payment

– Paying to rent (never own)

– May incur additional charges after the car is returned

+ Maintenance and certain repair fees may be covered by dealership

+ Smaller monthly payment


Make sure to shop around to get the best rates, lowest fees, and more flexible terms. Stop by your bank, local credit union, and get a quote from the car dealership’s financing staff.


One of the biggest promotions car dealerships will offer is 0% financing. However, only about 40% of people will actually qualify for this rate. Dealerships rely on a buyer’s expectation to buy a car regardless of the financing. By doing research, you can protect yourself by having other options if you fall in the majority of people who do not qualify for 0% financing. Not only will research protect you from this trap, research done at every step of the process will make you a well-informed and protected customer!

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