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December 23, 2022


This year has been one of growth and opportunity for HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union (HawaiiUSA). Since 2020, we have been on an upward trajectory to ensure that our members are receiving the best services and products to help make their lives easier in this ever-changing world. Our Life matters promise continues to inspire how we do business and how we serve the community.

In October, I completed my first year as HawaiiUSA’s president and CEO and I have learned so much about what our members value, what our employees value, and what value we bring to the broader community. What I found to be the common thread between these areas is that people thrive when they feel supported. This realization has continued to motivate me in this role and I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve our members and this organization.

HawaiiUSA’s commitment to education and financial wellness was at the forefront this year with many new and ongoing initiatives. Since 1990, we’ve awarded 540 scholarships for a total of $803,500.00 and we launched our current scholarship application period on December 1. We also forged a new partnership with Chaminade University, hosting financial education classes for K-12 teachers this summer. Giving educators the tools they need to teach young people about money and financial literacy is one way we can inspire financial wellness in their futures. Our relationships with Hawaii’s schools continue with current and new Student Operated Credit Unions (SOCUs) on K-12 campuses statewide. These pop-up credit unions allow students to learn hands-on how to work and perform financial transactions in a real world setting.

This year we also strengthened our digital and technological capabilities to ensure our internal and external processes are faster, more intelligent, and more efficient than ever before. To keep up with the fast-paced momentum of technology, HawaiiUSA has ensured that our members and business partners are afforded the best technology when it comes to their banking needs.

We are committed to remain a high-performing quality organization that serves our 135,000 members and 400+ employees with professionalism and gratitude. Thank you for your continued support as we forge into 2023 together.

Greg Young

President & CEO