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April 16, 2024

April is Financial Literacy Month and HawaiiUSA marks the first time it has launched student-operated credit unions for all grade levels in one community

As part of its ongoing commitment to fostering financial education and empowerment in Hawaii’s communities, HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union proudly announces its expansion of its Student Operated Credit Unions (SOCU) program in the Ewa Beach community. For the first time in HawaiiUSAŹ»s SOCU program’s 30-year history, students in the elementary, middle, and high school levels are introduced to a culture of saving money at a young age because of their respective SOCUs at Ewa Beach Elementary, Ewa Makai Middle School, and James Campbell High School. This milestone coincides with the recognition of Financial Literacy Month, which is celebrated nationally in the month of April, marking a significant step towards enhancing financial literacy among youth of all ages. 

“HawaiiUSA is so proud of our educational partners and their students in the Ewa complex for embracing the concept of our student-operated credit unions and sustaining the program for their schools,” says Bryan Yucoco, Financial Wellness Manager at HawaiiUSA. “We are excited that we can share financial literacy with the SOCU students and pockets of students through financial literacy events and other programs at each school. All students have the opportunity to participate with the SOCU to gain financial education and in turn share their knowledge with friends and family, which really creates a domino effect of impact in Ewa Beach.”

“By providing seamless service through the SOCUs to most of our Ewa Beach community, parents would be less hesitant to engage their children in finances and instill in them the habit of saving from an early age,” says Yumi Clancy, social studies teacher and SOCU advisor at Ewa Makai Middle School. “I believe that the collaboration among our three schools to make this happen provides great opportunities for families who simply don't know where to begin in supporting their students' personal finance.”

With the growth of SOCUs in the Ewa Beach community, HawaiiUSA’s unwavering commitment to promoting financial literacy and inclusion throughout Hawaii continues. Through collaborations and partnerships with schools, the credit union remains dedicated to empowering the next generation with the skills and resources they need to be financially successful.

Click here to listen to Hawaii Public Radio's interview with Marites Galamgam of Campbell High School about how their HawaiiUSA partnership has impacted their students.