Connect your cards

Your HawaiiUSA credit and debit cards fit perfectly in your mobile wallet

Safe and easy

Make encrypted payments in a few seconds

Flexible technology

Use your mobile wallet for online, in-app, and in-store purchases

Highly compatible

Contactless payment options available for Apple, Samsung, and Android devices

Transactions go smoother using your device's mobile wallet.

HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union supports Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Masterpass

  • Store your credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty cards on your phone, tablet, or smartwatch
  • Open your payment app, select your card, and hold your device close to the payment terminal
  • Cards can only be accessed by a PIN, password, or fingerprint
  • Card information is never fully displayed, making it difficult for fraudsters to steal

Mobile Wallet FAQs

Apple Pay allows you to pay for your purchases with your iPhone® by holding your phone near a contactless reader. You can also use your phone, iPad Air™ and iPad Mini™ 3 to pay within certain apps.

You can use all HawaiiUSA consumer debit cards, as well as our Business debit cards.

The credit or debit card associated with your iTunes® account or the first card you add to Passbook® is your default card. To change your default card:

  • Go to Settings > Passbook & Apple Pay.
  • Tap Default Card.
  • Choose a new card.

How do I replace my old HawaiiUSA debit card with my new HawaiiUSA debit card on Apple Pay?

Yes. When you use Apple Pay, your HawaiiUSA debit card number isn't stored on your phone or given to the merchant. A unique digital code is created specifically for that device. You still enjoy all the benefits of your HawaiiUSA debit card, which includes MasterCard®'s Zero Liability policy that protects you from unauthorized purchases.

Since Apple Pay doesn't store your credit or debit card number on the device, you never reveal your name, card number or security code to merchants.

Adding your debit cards to Apple Pay is your choice; you can add and remove cards as needed.

Visit the Apple site for a list of participating merchants and mobile apps. Look for one of these logos at your payment terminal:

apple pay

Yes. You can add any card on up to 10 devices enabled with Apple Pay.

No. If Touch ID (thumb print recognition) is not working on your Apple device, then your security (4-digit) passcode can be entered.

Yes. Be aware, however, that message and data rates may apply, depending on your data plan.

More information is available at

Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Pay, Touch ID, and Apple Watch are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Google Pay is a payment app that allows you to add your card to your supported Android device in order to make purchases at participating merchants.

In order to use Google Pay in-store, a merchant must accept contactless payments. To identify if a merchant accepts contactless payments, look for at least one of the following symbols at the payment terminal:

google pay

You can use all HawaiiUSA consumer debit cards, as well as our business debit cards.

Download the Google Pay app from the Google Play Store and open the app. Once the app is downloaded you can add your card to Google Pay through the following way:

  1. If you already have your HawaiiUSA debit card on file through a Google Account, on the "Choose a card for Google Pay" screen, select your HawaiiUSA debit card. If you do not already have your card on file through a Google Account: Click on the "+" button to add your HawaiiUSA debit card.
  2. Enter or confirm your card details.
  3. Review and accept the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Confirm your screen lock settings.

You don't have to open the Google Pay app to make a purchase with your NFC phone; just follow these steps:

  • Wake up and unlock your phone and make sure NFC is turned on.
  • Hold the back of your phone against the contactless payment terminal.
  • If prompted, choose "Credit" regardless of your type of card.

Yes. Google Pay keeps all your payment information encrypted on secure servers. Your full details are never stored on your phone or shared with merchants when you buy something; they see your virtual account number instead.

Plus, you still enjoy all the benefits of your HawaiiUSA debit card, which includes MasterCard®'s Zero Liability policy that protects you from unauthorized purchases. When you set up Google Pay, you'll have to set a screen lock if you don't already have one.

When you add your HawaiiUSA debit card to Google Pay, a virtual account number is created for that card on your device. This number is different from your HawaiiUSA debit card number. To view the last four digits of the virtual account number, go to "Card details" or "Transaction details."

Yes. With purchases made with Google Pay, you use your virtual account number to process a return. You will follow a similar process as you do for regular returns, but in addition to the paper receipt, you may need to tap your phone to the payment terminal again to complete the return. To view the last four digits of the virtual account number, go to "Card details" or "Transaction details." Alternatively, hold your device near the contactless terminal and select the card you used to make the purchase.

Whenever your phone is unlocked, it can be used to make purchases with Google Pay. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can find, lock, or erase it using Android Device Manager.

Since Google Pay doesn't store your card details on your phone, anyone who finds or steals your phone won't be able to access that information, even if it's unlocked.

Note: If you notice any suspicious activity with your account or if you are unable to lock Google Pay, please contact us immediately.

More information on Google Pay is available at

Android, Android Pay, and the Android Logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

Samsung Pay allows you to pay for your purchases with your Galaxy device by holding your phone near a payment terminal.

You can use all HawaiiUSA consumer debit cards, as well as our business debit cards.

You can quickly open Samsung Pay from the Home Screen, Apps menu, or lock screen, even if the display is dark or off.

Note: If the connection is unsuccessful or too much time has elapsed, touch to retry. You will not be required to verify your identity.

  1. Swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top to access your payment cards.

  2. If necessary, swipe to the left or right to access the desired card.

  3. Place your finger on the HOME key to verify identity. If you are using your Samsung Pay PIN, touch PIN and enter your four-digit code.

  4. Place the back of your device against the card or NFC reader on the payment terminal.

  5. If necessary, complete the transaction on the payment terminal. For example, if you are using a debit card, you are still required to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Some merchants/terminals may prompt you to verify the total charges are correct, while others will require a signature.

Thanks to Magnetic Secure Transmission (see below for more information), Samsung pay is accepted almost anywhere you tap or swipe your credit card.

Samsung Pay will not work at ATMs (Automated Teller Machines). In addition to ATMs, Samsung Pay will not work with card readers where it is necessary to insert your card into the reader. These types of card readers are commonly found at gas stations (pump stations), bus/train stations, and vending machines.

A total of 10 payment cards can be added to Samsung Pay. These include credit cards, debit cards, and private-label credit cards (store credit cards).

There are no restrictions on adding the same debit card to multiple devices. For example, if you and your spouse share a debit card, you can add the card to both devices.

Your payment information is not accessible without your fingerprint or Samsung Pay PIN. For added security, the Samsung Find My Mobile service can remotely lock or erase your payment cards in Samsung Pay. Alternatively, you can choose to erase your entire device and /or removable storage.

When you lock Samsung pay using Find My Mobile, all payments will be disabled on the device. For additional security, Samsung Pay will request the credit union to suspend any transactions made from the device. If you locate your device, you can quickly unlock your cards by authenticating your identity by scanning your fingerprint or entering your Samsung Pay PIN.

Note: If you notice any suspicious activity with your account or if you are unable to lock Samsung Pay, please contact us immediately.

Tokenization is method of protecting payment card information by substituting the card’s number with a unique alphanumeric identifier, generated using proprietary algorithms. The unique identifier, or token, is then used for sending the transaction to the card’s payment network, where it is decrypted and the transaction authorize. The actual card number is stored in a secure vault and does not reside on the merchant’s or Samsung’s systems.

Tokenization is being used to reduce security risks inherent in the collection and transfer of highly sensitive data between merchants and the card’s payment network. Tokenized data is not mathematically reversible and is useless unless you have original key used to create the token, limiting the chance of your payment information being stolen or compromised. The transaction is seamless and requires no changes on the part of the merchant or consumer.

Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) is a technology that emits a magnetic signal that mimics the magnetic strip on a traditional payment cards. MST sends a magnetic signal from your device to the payment terminal’s card reader (to emulate swiping a physical card without having to upgrade the terminal’s software or hardware). MST technology is accepted at nearly all payment terminals with a card reader. Some payment terminals may require software updates.

Simply select a card from Samsung Pay, and transmit the payment information by mobbing your device within an inch of the payment terminal. Your transaction and payment information will be kept private and secure with the use of tokenization. MST is more secure than using a traditional payment card and is as secure as paying with Near Field Communication (NFC).

More information on Samsung Pay is available at

©2016 Samsung Electronics America, Inc. Samsung, Samsung Pay, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Knox, Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 active, S6 edge, S6 edge+, and Note5 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Use only in accordance with law. Other company and product names mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners. Screen images are simulated; actual appearance may vary. Contact your bank or financial institution to verify that it is a Samsung Pay participant. Samsung Pay is available on select Samsung devices.

HawaiiUSA Masterpass is a digital wallet that simplifies the checkout process across your purchase online, in-app, and in-store with one secure account. No long checkout forms, forgotten passwords, or fumbling for a wallet. Just create your account and load your debit card to get started.

Once you are ready to check out, click or tap the Masterpass button. If you already have an account, then simply sign in and choose the payment card and shipping address you wish to use. All of those details will be used to make a secure purchase, and you are done.

To make in-store payments, you’ll need an Android™ phone running Kit Kat (4.4) or higher with support for NFC (Near Field Communication) and HCE (Host Card Emulation).

Once you have a Masterpass app, there are 2 ways to Tap & Pay in-store:

From the app:

  • Launch the app and choose the card you would like to use

  • Touch the “Tap & pay” button at the bottom of the screen

  • Enter your 4 digit PIN

  • Hold your phone just above the terminal and wait to see the √ on your screen

From the lock screen:

  • Without opening the app, place your phone just above the terminal at checkout

  • Enter your 4 digit PIN

  • Place your phone over the terminal once again until you see the √

Note: Go to your device settings to make Masterpass your default Tap & Pay service

If this is your first time checking out with your wallet on this browser, you may need to simply have to sign in and authenticate via a onetime code that will be sent to your phone or email. Then choose your card and shipping address to continue with your purchase.

Your HawaiiUSA Masterpass account comes with multi-tiered security to help keep your information private. Plus, when you check out in stores using the Android™ app, a unique number is shared with the merchant instead of your actual card details, which means your information is protected. Masterpass is the only digital wallet from MasterCard, so you can shop with confidence.

There are no additional fees or charges to use Masterpass. If you receive notifications about your account by text message, you may incur standard messaging fees from your mobile phone carrier.

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