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Victim of Identity Theft - What to Do

Taking quick action can help to overcome and minimize some of the difficulties caused by Identity Theft and fraud to your financial account and reputation. Here are some actions that you should take right away along with keeping a log of all conversations, dates, names, phone number of the agencies you have contacted, time spent, and expenses incurred. Confirm your conversations in writing. Send correspondence by certified mail and return receipt requested. Keep copies of all documents.

File a police report with your local police department and obtain a copy of the report.

Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to report the situation. Provide the FTC with your police report number and obtain a uniform affidavit form from them. You can also report the situation to the local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the U.S. Secret Service.

Telephone number: 1-877-ID THEFT {(877) 438.4338}
Web: www.consumer.gov/idtheft <link to>

Contact the fraud units of the three principal credit reporting agencies. Request that a fraud alert be placed on your file for 7 years (normally only 3 - 6 months).

Request for a copy of your credit report (one free annually).

Equifax: (800) 525.6285
Experian: (888) 397.3742
Trans Union: (800) 680.7289

Contact your present financial institution to notify them of your Identity Theft situation. Protect your accounts with access only through a password. Let them know to contact you immediately for any attempts to access your account without the password. Close any accounts that have been compromised.

After you have received your free copy of the credit report, contact all the creditors with whom your name or identifying data have been fraudulently used to establish accounts without your knowledge. You may need to cancel those accounts, place stop-payment orders on any outstanding checks that may not have cleared, change your Debit or ATM cards, and change you Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Contact major check verification companies if you have had bank accounts set up by the identity thief or checks stolen. Determine which check verification company that the financial institution or merchant uses:

ChexSystems: (800) 428.9623
TeleCheck: (800) 710.9898
CheckRite: (800) 766.2748
CrossCheck: (800) 522.1900
National Processing Co.: (800) 526.5380
SCAN: (800) 262.7771
Equifax: (800) 437.5120

You may also need to contact other agencies for other types of Identity Theft.

Your local Postmaster and the Postal Inspection Service if the fraud was committed by use of the mail involving your identity. Call the U. S. Postal Office to obtain the phone number. (800) 275.8777 or through the Web.

If the Identity Theft involved the use of your Social Security number, call your local office of the Social Security Administration to report the fraudulent use and to determine whether you fit their fraud victim criteria before ordering a change in your Social Security number. Web: www.ssa.gov

Whether you have a passport or not, write the passport office to alert them to anyone ordering a passport fraudulently. Web: www.travel.state.gov/passport

Driver’s License number misuse. You may need to change your driver’s license number if someone is using yours as identification on bad checks or for other types of fraud. Call the local office of the Driver’s License at (808) 532.7700 or go to the Satellite City Hall nearest to you.

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