Online Banking Tips: Password Safety

HawaiiUSA is committed to keeping your account information safe and secure - but whether you’re accessing your account via Online Banking, Telephone Banking, an ATM, or mobile device; you play an essential role in protecting your confidential information from fraud and identity theft.

Here are a few best practices for password safety:

  • Use strong password construction:
    • At least (8) characters in length if supported.
    • Contains one upper and one lower case alpha character.
    • Contains at least one digit and one special character if supported.
    • Is not a word in the standard dictionary (English or foreign) or publicly known slang, dialect, or jargon.
    • Is not based on personal information such as family names, pet names, date-of-birth, telephone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, etc.
    • Does not contain ascending or descending characters or digits, or repeating characters or digits.
  • Change your password regularly; at least every 45 days.
  • Do not share your password with anyone, write your password down, or store it online or any electronic application.
  • Use a different password for each system you access.
  • Use trusted and secured sites to conduct financial transactions.
  • Use your own computer or mobile device when accessing Online Banking, do not leave it unattended during a session, always log off, and close your browser.

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