Prevent Debit Card Fraud with eAlerts



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Debit card fraud is increasing as more and more people use them. In 2010, debit card fraud represented 36% of all card fraud, an increase from 27% in 2009.1 That’s an alarming statistic! Fortunately, HawaiiUSA is taking steps to prevent thieves from accessing your account. One solution is our eAlerts service.

eAlerts is a free service that can help you monitor unauthorized purchases on your HawaiiUSA debit card. While the solution offers a variety of alerts to choose from, there are two types of alerts that may be valuable to you in our fight against debit card fraud:

  • Debit Card Purchase Alert generates every time a debit card point-of-sale (POS) PIN or signature-based transaction authorization has occurred on your selected account.
  • Account Balance Change Alert generates every time your selected account (a share or line of credit) reaches a balance that is over/below the specified amount for the first time.

These alerts are sent on any device capable of receiving email. Now, here’s how you can get started:

Easy Steps to Enroll in eAlerts:

  1. Enroll or login to Online Banking
  2. Click the eAlerts tab
  3. Acknowledge the eAlert agreement
  4. Click Proceed and you are in!

1. Javelin Strategy & Research

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