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Fraud Alert

Debit Card Phone Scam Alert - 1.28.14

January 28, 2014

HawaiiUSA would like to notify members of a computer-generated phone scam that targets debit card owners nationwide. The automated caller states that the victim’s debit card account has been breached or locked, and that they need to "reset" their information to reactivate their card. The recording asks to press "1" to begin, but by pressing "1" a computer system is activated. The victim is then asked to enter the 16-digit card number, expiration date, three digit Customer Verification Value Code and their four-digit PIN code.

When this process is complete, criminals have all information necessary to access the account. The phone number, message, or details may differ, however it is safest not to respond to similar phone calls.

HawaiiUSA reminds members not to give out personal information over the phone, including passwords and PINs. HawaiiUSA will never contact members in this manner. Please do not respond to this call. If you question the validity of any phone call, text message or email, contact us directly at (808) 534.4300 or toll-free (800) 379.1300.

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HawaiiUSA FCU For more information, call HawaiiUSA FCU at (808) 534.4300 or toll-free (800) 379.1300, click or visit one of our branches.
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