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Tips for Avoiding Disaster Relief Scams 11.19.13

November 19, 2013

HawaiiUSA would like it's members to be aware of a wave of email scams that are soliciting the wiring of money to stranded victims in the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.

Donors who wish to assist the victims of the Typhoon are urged to:

  • Avoid donating based on a charity's name: Avoid organizations that include the name of the storm or disaster - they may be newly founded and inexperienced, or they may simply be trying to take advantage of highly-visible news coverage.
  • Avoid donating the wrong types goods or products: Sending non-essential items could be a wasted effort and slow down the relief process. Ask which items are needed and what their specific distribution plans are. Some organizations may only accept clothing and goods from locations close to the disaster zone to avoid high freight costs.
  • Steer clear of inexperienced relief efforts: Inexperienced charities will likely impede assistance and divert funds from other helpful organizations.
  • Research before donating: Before responding to emails or social media posts soliciting money, find out if the charity has good accountability standards. Good intentions aren't enough to carry out disaster relief effectively. Check that the charity is transparent, accountable and well-managed.

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