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Fraud Alert

Wire Fraud Scam

August 23, 2012

HawaiiUSA FCU would like to alert its members about a scam where members are unknowingly assisting fraudsters in laundering stolen funds.  The scam works as follows:

Although there are other methods fraudsters use to find their victims, typically they look for job seekers who have the ability to work from home. These individuals are told not to share details of their new job with anyone.  After accepting the job, deposits are made via direct deposit or wire transfer to the individual’s bank account. Upon receipt of the funds, the individual is instructed to keep a portion of the funds deposited into their account as wages and wire the balance of funds to an account at another financial institution (foreign or domestic).  The initial deposit made to the individual has been reported to be stolen from deposit accounts at other financial institutions and investment accounts held at brokerage firms.

New and old scams appear every day and HawaiiUSA will do its part to help inform and protect its members.

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