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Fraud Alert

Rejected ACH Payment Phishing Scam (11.17.11)

November 17, 2011

HawaiiUSA FCU would like to warn its members of a past email scam which has resurfaced. The email is from the NACHA - Electronic Payment Association with the subject line of “Rejected ACH Transactions” or "Unauthorized ACH Transaction".


The phishing emails appear to warn users about failed ACH transactions. NACHA did not send this email. The email includes a link which redirects the individual to a fake web page which appears like the NACHA Web site and contains a link which is almost certainly executable virus with malware. Do not click on the link. Both the email and the related website are fraudulent.


NACHA, itself does not process nor touch the ACH transactions that flow to and from organizations and financial institutions. NACHA does not send communications to individuals or organizations about Individual ACH transactions which they originate or receive.

If you receive this or any similar email, DO NOT respond or provide any private information.

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