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Fraud Alert

Security Notice: Heartbleed Flaw 4.10.14
Vulnerable versions of the Heartbleed SSL flaw are NOT used at HawaiiUSA. We encourage members to visit this link to test other websites for security.

Fraud Alert - 3.24.14
HawaiiUSA alerts members of a business named ITravel Agency - INT Manila issuing fraudulent debit card charges to Hawaii residents.

Debit Card Phone Scam Alert - 1.28.14
HawaiiUSA warns members about a computer-generated scam where an automated phone system asks for debit card information.

Target Issues Phishing Warning 12.26.13
Target Corp. warns the public to be wary of phishing scams claiming to be related to its breach recovery.

Target Debit and Credit Card Security Breach 12.19.13
U.S. Retailer Target investigates incident where 40 million Debit and Credit Card users may be affected.

Tips for Avoiding Disaster Relief Scams 11.19.13
In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, members are reminded to be careful when donating money or items to those in need. Research charities in order to avoid scams.

Debit Card Text Scam - 11.01.13
HawaiiUSA would like to notify members about a fraudulent text message scam involving Debit Card reactivation.

Phishing Text Alert - 10.28.13
Fraudulent text message claims that your Visa has been deactivated, and asks you to call for reactivation. This is a scam.

Text Message Scam - 10.15.13
HawaiiUSA warns members about a text message scam being sent to random individuals.

Phishing Alert - 10.08.13
HawaiiUSA warns members to avoid a phishing scam targeting MasterCard holders.

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