It's a grand experience

Open and maintain an account with $1,000 or more and enjoy great benefits

More money in your hands

Earn dividends at a competitive rate when you keep a $100 average daily balance

No setup or monthly service fees

You won't pay fees when you maintain the minimum balance

Make secure payments on the go

Contactless Mobile Wallet payments safely encrypt your Debit Card purchases

The HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union Super Checking Account can amplify your finances.

Our Super Checking Account offers some super benefits

  • Set up direct deposit of your paychecks with your employer for secure, immediate access to your money
  • Choose Overdraft Protection to avoid possible fees and delays when you withdraw more than your balance

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Frequently asked questions

Savings and checking accounts serve different purposes, and each has its advantages. A savings account is designed for long-term savings and those with higher interest rates can help your money grow over time. It's ideal for emergency funds or saving for specific goals. On the other hand, a checking account provides easy access to your funds for daily transactions, bill payments, and ATM withdrawals. With an interest-bearing checking account, you can earn money from the cash you deposit. To effectively manage your finances, it's recommended to have both types of accounts. Keep a sufficient balance in your checking account for everyday expenses and use a savings account to accumulate savings and earn interest.

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$1,000 minimum opening deposit (no minimum balance thereafter, but must maintain a $1,000 daily average balance)

Membership restrictions apply