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Retirement does not have to be a mere hope in the far-off future. Take control of your journey and turn your dreams into reality with our Traditional IRA.

  • Minimum opening deposit of $100
  • Contribute potential tax-deductible deposits up to age 70½
  • Earnings grow tax-deferred until withdrawn
  • Begin penalty-free withdrawals as early as age 59½
  • Penalty-free withdrawal exceptions prior to age 59½ include qualified:1
    • Disability
    • First-time home purchase
    • Higher-education expenses
    • Medical expenses
    • Military reservist
    • Death/Beneficiary of a deceased IRA owner
  • Traditional IRA Certificates available


Individuals under the age of 70½ by the end of the year with earned income or spouses with earned income.

Maximum Annual Contributions & Deadlines2

Tax Year Age 49 & Below Age 50 & Above Deadline to Open & Fund
2014 $5,500 $6,500 April 15, 2015
2015 $5,500 $6,500 April 15, 2016

For more information, visit HawaiiUSA Investment and Insurance Services or consult a tax professional.

1 Taxes are still paid on the money you withdraw.

2 The annual contribution limit is an aggregate of the Traditional IRA and Roth IRA.

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