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Courtesy Pay FAQ

Q: How does Courtesy Pay work?

A: Let's say there are insufficient funds in your Share draft account to cover an item. If your account is maintained in good standing and your Courtesy Pay limit covers that item, it will be paid and a fee will be assessed.

Q: What is my Courtesy Pay limit?

A: Your limit is $500.00, which includes any fee charges.

Q: How soon must I pay the Courtesy Pay balance?

A: Every attempt should be made to bring your account to a positive balance within a few days.

Q: How much does this cost me?

A: There is no monthly service fee, however, the usual insufficient funds fee will be charged for each item. Please refer to our Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Q: What types of transactions are covered under this program?

  • Share draft checks
  • Debit card purchases (requires your Opt-In)
  • ATM transactions (requires your Opt-In)
  • ACH debits
  • Bill Pay transactions

Q: How do I know when I've used Courtesy Pay?

A: If you are signed up for eAlerts, you will receive a notice each time an item is paid.

Q: If I have two (2) Share draft accounts, will they both have a separate Courtesy Pay limit?

A: YES. (However we will reserve the right to restrict this benefit to as few as one (1) per household if circumstances dictate).

Q: Why is this service being offered?

A: Courtesy Pay provides a safety net for your unexpected incidents and oversights. It also eliminates merchant returned check fees and saves you the embarrassment of returned items and/or being declined when making purchases. It may also be a source of emergency funds should the need arise.

Q: What if I exceed my Courtesy Pay limit?

A: Unfortunately, items exceeding your limit will be returned. An insufficient funds fee will be charged per item. We stress that any overdraft balance created by using Courtesy Pay should be cleared right away to keep your account in good standing and continue the protection of Courtesy Pay at all times.

Q: Can I have Courtesy Pay on my share account also?

A: No. Courtesy Pay is available only on personal Share draft accounts.

Q: Can Courtesy Pay be combined with other Overdraw Protection options?

A: Yes. Any existing overdraw option through a transfer from a Share account or an Overdraft Line of Credit will be utilized before Courtesy Pay.

Please read the Courtesy Pay Disclosure for more specifics about the program.

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