Visa Pink Credit Card

Visa Pink Platinum Credit Card

Join HawaiiUSA in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

With every purchase made with Visa® Pink Platinum Credit Card, HawaiiUSA will donate a portion to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer® program of the American Cancer Society. All donations generated from the card will assist with breast cancer research and offer services to those in need. Join us in the battle to help save lives, one purchase at a time**. With your help we can make a difference together!

For more information on Breast Cancer and Health Tips, visit Making Strides Against Breast Cancer® website.

Credit Card Rate Disclosure

Please read our Credit Card Agreement before submitting your application.

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*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Upon approval, your APR will be set forth in the notice informing you of your approval. Should you choose not to accept the APR that applies to your Account, you may cancel your application prior to using the Account.  Must meet HawaiiUSA FCU membership and lending guidelines.

**Charitable Benefits: Use of the HawaiiUSA Visa® Pink Platinum Credit Card results in donations to charity. HawaiiUSA FCU will donate 0.10% (10 cents for every $100) of all net Purchases (less returns) made with the Card. HawaiiUSA FCU will donate up to $20,000 of net purchases annually. HawaiiUSA FCU has designated the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer® program of the American Cancer Society as the current charitable recipient. HawaiiUSA FCU reserves the right to change the charitable recipient or to terminate the program at any time. No change will affect donations previously made. For information on breast health information, visit

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