Mortgage Library

HawaiiUSA FCU’s online mortgage library is an organized help tool designed to assist you through the loan application process. Topics have been catalogued by the below topics for your convenience.

Lending Overview

Shows an overview of the process one can expect when obtaining a residential real estate loan. The overview is broken down into the following seven sections:

Federal Regulations

The federal government has enacted several consumer protection laws pertaining to residential mortgage lending. HawaiiUSA has attempted to review the most salient points of those laws and discuss areas that are important when consumers are shopping for a mortgage loan. Some of the content of the federal regulations could be open for interpretation. HawaiiUSA and its authors do not represent that the following discussions on the regulations are an accurate; it should not be considered a legal opinion of the law. We suggest that users and readers seek counsel for a comprehensive opinion. The following are major mortgage lending regulations:


This list is provided for reference only. Each state has their own real estate laws and terms. You have a right to understand all terms of any contract you sign, and you have the right to seek the advice of an attorney or other professional counsel in any real estate transaction. This list is not all-inclusive. If you have a specific question about any real estate term please e-mail us at:

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