2012 4th Quarter eNewsletter

Introducing our new Pink Credit Card!

Pink Card

HawaiiUSA's newest addition to our credit card line will allow cardholders to support and give back to a good cause. Visa® Pink Platinum Credit Card cardholders will receive the same great features and benefits of our existing consumer credit cards, in addition to contributing to the battle against breast cancer just by making their next Purchase in Pink. For each net purchase transaction made with their new pink card, HawaiiUSA will donate a portion to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer® program of the American Cancer Society.* The donations generated from the card will go towards breast cancer research, prevention and treatment. Join us in the battle to help save lives, one purchase at a time. With your help we can make a difference together!

Open a new HawaiiUSA Visa Platinum Credit Card from September 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012 and enjoy these low rates today!


Here are just a few other features that our cardholders receive:

For more information about our Visa® Pink Platinum Credit Card visit us at or any of our branches to find out more about our exciting credit card promotion details today!

*Charitable Benefits: Use of the HawaiiUSA VISA Pink Platinum Credit Card results in donations to charity. For each new HawaiiUSA Visa Pink Platinum Credit Card opened from 09/01/2012 through 12/31/2012 (the “promotional period”), HawaiiUSA FCU will donate 0.25% (25 cents for every $100) of all net Purchases (less returns) made with the Card through 12/31/2012. After the promotional period, HawaiiUSA FCU will donate 0.10% (10 cents for every $100) of all net Purchases (less returns) made with the Card. HawaiiUSA FCU will donate up to $20,000 of net purchases annually. HawaiiUSA FCU has designated the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer® program of the American Cancer Society as the current charitable recipient. HawaiiUSA FCU reserves the right to change the charitable recipient or to terminate the program at any time. No change will affect donations previously made. For information on breast health information, visit**Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The 0% Introductory APR on purchases are valid for the first 180 days for accounts opened from 09/01/2012 through 12/31/2012. After that, the standard APR for your account, based on your creditworthiness, will apply to all outstanding balances. Minimum payments will be applied to balances at lower APRs before being applied to balances at higher APRs. To the extent your payments exceed the minimum payment due each billing period, we will apply them to balances with higher APRs prior to balances with lower APRs. See Credit Card Agreement for more information. Restrictions apply. HawaiiUSA Visa Business Credit Card accounts are not eligible. Offer may end at any time. Membership guidelines apply. Federally insured by NCUA. ***The CURewards Points Program is available for specified accounts only.

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Let your money work for you!.

Let your money work for you at HawaiiUSA FCU! We offer a convenient way for you to establish or build up credit. With a share secured loan you can borrow against the funds you already have deposited with us* and continue earning dividends while you build or improve your credit history. It’s QUICK AND EASY! Take advantage of our LOW RATE share secured loan today.

To apply or for more information, simply visit any one of our branches or call our Member Service Center at 534.4300 on Oahu or toll-free at (800) 379.1300.

*Certain restrictions apply.

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March of Dimes/Shriners Hospital

During the 2nd quarter of 2012 the staff of HawaiiUSA held fundraising events to benefit the March of Dimes and Shriners Hospitals for Children.

March of Dimes

Team Captain and Senior Vice President of the Service Excellence Group, Barbara Carvalho and her team hosted an array of events including Blue Jean Fridays which allowed the staff, who made a monetary donation, to wear jeans every Friday during the entire 2nd quarter. And we can’t forget the food… employees enjoyed the culinary delights of the team members during their Breakfast, League of Nations Luncheon and Dessert Bar events.

In addition, over 100 staff members and their families participated in the Walk for Babies Event held on April 22, 2012. The team fundraised over $6,700.00 for these 2 very deserving organizations.

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Helping you build new memories...

Home Equity Line of Credit

*Annual Percentage Rate. The initial discounted Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 1.75% (“the Initial Rate”) will be effective for the first 24 months from the date the Home Equity Line of Credit account is opened (“the Initial Discounted Period”). Offer is valid for applications received between 09/15/12 through 11/30/12 that fund by 12/31/12. To receive the Initial Rate, an initial draw of at least $20,000 in new monies is advanced at opening, and you agree to (i) not close your credit line prior to the first anniversary of the opening date and (ii) maintain the account balance less normal monthly payments for a period of six-months from opening. The Initial Rate is not available to anyone with any HawaiiUSA FCU home equity line of credit that was opened prior to 09/15/12 and/or when paying down or paying off any existing HawaiiUSA FCU loan. After the Initial Discounted Period, the APR may vary on a quarterly basis on the statement cycle date of February, May, August & November. The APR will be equal to the index, which is the weekly average yield on US Treasury Securities adjusted to a constant maturity of one year, plus a margin of 2.50%, rounded up to the nearest 0.25%. The current index is 0.20% as of 08/01/2012. The current non-discounted fully indexed variable APR as of August 1, 2012 is 4.00%. The rate cannot increase or decrease more than 1.00% at each quarterly rate adjustment but may exceed that for the single adjustment at the end of a promotional discounted rate period. In no event will the APR be less than 4.00% the floor rate, nor higher than 18.00% or the maximum permitted by law, whichever is less. HawaiiUSA FCU charges no credit union closing cost; however, you will be required to pay certain fees to third parties at closing that may range from $0 - $1,500. These fees if required include, but are not limited to title insurance ($125-$300), escrow fees ($200-$500) recording fee ($25-$55), trust review and trust documentation ($155-$400), mortgage or other document preparation fees ($125-$175), and property evaluation ($65-$100). We will use a property evaluation to determine the property value, if the value is not sufficient an appraisal will be required at your expense, estimated cost may vary from $500 to $1,500 depending on the property. When an initial draw of a minimum $20,000 or more new monies is advanced at opening, certain third party fees may be waived** when you agree to (i) not close your credit line prior to the first anniversary of the opening date and (ii) maintain the account balance less normal monthly payments for a period of six months from opening. Hawaii properties must be fee simple and owner occupied to qualify. Maximum loan amount is lesser of $200,000 or up to 80% of your home value. Higher LTV programs available with price adjustments. HELOC has a 5-year draw period with a 15-year amortized repayment (principal and interest payment). Minimum monthly payment is $150. You must carry fire, hurricane & flood (if applicable) insurance on the property that secures the credit at homeowners’ expense. No annual fee or prepayment penalty. HawaiiUSA FCU membership is required (minimum $5 share account). Program subject to change or discontinuation without notice. **Fees waived include valuation assessment, title insurance, recordation, credit report and flood certification/tracking.

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Mobile Banking: Coming Soon!

Mobile Banking is coming soon to HawaiiUSA! Our members will soon be able to enjoy the convenience of accessing your HawaiiUSA accounts from your mobile device.

HawaiiUSA’s new Mobile Banking platform is optimized for all mobile browsers and uses multi-factor authentication for user verification and SSL encryption. What this means to you is peace of mind, knowing your data transfers are safe and secure. You’ll soon be able to access our new Mobile Banking platform through our secure login or by downloading our free mobile application. Mobile Banking apps will be available for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Because convenience and security matters to you, it matters to us. Get ready to go mobile. Watch for our new Mobile Banking platform, coming soon to a mobile device near you!

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Credit Protection Plan

Ever thought how you would make your loan payment if you lost your job or became disabled? Would your spouse be able to make that auto loan payment if you lost your life? Because “Life Matters”, as a member of HawaiiUSA FCU, you can protect yourself in case you suffer an unforeseen, unfortunate life event. When making a loan at our credit union you can purchase our optional, HawaiiUSA Credit Protection Plan(HCPP).

HCPP was created by our credit union, exclusively for our members. HCPP cancels your loan payments if you involuntarily lose your job or get disabled. Loss of Life coverage cancels your loan balance if you lose your life so your spouse can keep that car without having to worry about how they will make the loan payment with one income.

If you made a loan with us and did not protect it with HCPP, or looking at getting a new loan, ask for details about our HCPP Program on your next visit to one of our branches.

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Balance Financial Fitness First-Aid

Many circumstances in life can derail even the best money management plan. If you have found yourself in a situation where you can’t keep up with your bills, you’ll need to take an inventory of your resources and prioritize your financial obligations.

Start by following these Balance Financial Fitness First-Aid Steps:

Step 1: Take Inventory of Income & Resources
Record all sources of income, including realistic expectations of income that you will be receiving soon.

Step 2: Review Your Expenses
List your households essential expenses (Housing, food, insurance, medical expenses, transportation, child care, etc.) List your discretionary expenses (Personal, entertainment and miscellaneous expenses.)

Step 3: Take an Inventory of Your Debt
List all of your debts, including past due child and spousal support, back taxes, secured loans, student loans and unsecured debt.

Step 4: Prioritize Your Bills
Not all of your debts impact your family equally. Those that enable you to maintain the health and well-being of yourself and your family are most important.

Step 5: Communicate With Your Creditors
It is best to contact your creditors in writing, keeping copies of all correspondence for your records. Include the following facts:

BALANCE offers a variety of free and lowcost services to help you get out of debt, your financial goals. For more information call us or visit the Balance website at:

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Income Tax Free Wealth Transfer

What if you could increase the amount you leave to your heirs when you pass on and do it income tax free?1 It is possible through a strategy called Wealth Transfer. Used primarily by those who are 70 years of age and older, it can benefit people whose retirement income is secure and who have accumulated assets they would like to leave to their loved ones at the time of their death.

Example: A 70 year old woman enjoying a comfortable retirement has $200,000 in credit union accounts and does not anticipate spending all of it during her lifetime. If she were to deposit $100,000 into the Estate Maximizer,2 she would receive these benefits:

  1. At her death, her beneficiaries would receive no less than $179,610, guaranteed.3
  2. Her beneficiaries would not pay any federal income tax on the $79,610 increase in value.
  3. Liberty Life would guarantee that, at any time, she could surrender her Estate Maximizer and receive back 100% of her $100,000 deposit.

The Wealth Transfer approach is becoming very popular with retirees who want to leave more for their loved ones, save on taxes and have the security of guaranteed principal.

To speak to one of our experienced Financial Advisors and learn more about the options available to you, please call us at 844.8338.

  1. For specific tax advice, consult a tax professional.
  2. A single premium life insurance policy issued by Liberty Life Insurance Co.
  3. Guarantees subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

*Non-deposit investment products and services are offered through CUSO Financial Services, L.P. (“CFS”), a registered broker-dealer (Member FINRA/SIPC) and SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Products offered through CFS: are not NCUA/NCUSIF or otherwise federally insured, are not guaranteed or obligations of the credit union, and may involve investment risk including possible loss of principal. Investment Representatives are registered through CFS. HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union has contracted with CFS to make non-deposit investment products and services available to credit union members.

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HawaiiUSA 2013 - 2014
Board of Director Nominations

The Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors for HawaiiUSA has nominated three (3) members to fill three (3) vacancies for the 2013-2014 Board of Directors. The following members, listed in alphabetical order, have been nominated:

Harlan Y. Kimura   ·   Liberato C. Viduya, Jr.   ·   Albert S. Yoshii

No member from the general membership submitted a qualifying nomination by petition. As such, no mail ballot will be conducted for these positions. The above named individuals will be declared elected at our Annual Meeting to be held on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at our Main Office.

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Celebrate International Credit Union Week
October 15 - 20 , 2012

On Oct. 18, 2012, credit union members around the world will celebrate International Credit Union Day, an event to commemorate the credit union movement’s impact and achievements. Since 1948, International Credit Union Day has been celebrated annually on the third Thursday of October. Each year, the international event affords the opportunity to remember credit unions’ proud history and promote awareness of and support for the credit union difference. This year, we celebrate the important economic and social contributions credit unions make to their communities worldwide. The celebration also aligns cooperatively owned and controlled credit unions with the greater cooperative business sector and the United Nations, which is also celebrating 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives.

Credit unions are recognized as a force for positive economic and social change and have provided significant value in both developed and emerging nations. International Credit Union Day is sponsored by World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU), the international trade association and development agency for credit unions worldwide, and numerous national credit union trade associations and federations around the world.

Credit Union Day

In honor of this special day, HawaiiUSA invites members to visit any of our 12 branches on Oahu and Maui during International Credit Union Week, October 15 – 20, 2012 to help us celebrate the occasion and allow us to say “Mahalo” for your valued membership.

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Debit Card Tips: 7 Fraud Prevention Measures

Debit Card

Debit card fraud is serious business and we’ve taken steps to detect and prevent fraud from happening to you. Here’s how you can help:

If you do identify any unauthorized activity, notify us no later than 60 business days after receiving the statement with the fraudulent transactions. View more tips online, Fraud Prevention & Online Security Tips.

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Online Banking Tips: 5 Essential Internet Safety Measures

Online Banking

As cyber crimes increase, it is important that as an Online Banking user you know how to protect your account from malicious attacks. To improve the security of your Online Banking experience and reduce the risk of using the internet, here are five essential measures that you can perform:

If you identify any unauthorized activity or inaccurate information on your account, immediately call us at (808) 534.4300 on Oahu or (800) 379.1300 toll-free, or email us. View more tips online, Fraud Prevention & Online Security Tips.

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Thank you Members!

Thank you Members!

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Valuing our Members Starts with Great Employees

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2012 2nd Quarter Keys of Excellence winners for their outstanding achievements and showing us that Life matters!

Employee AwardsSonia Millare stood out and carried the Accounting Department team through the extreme challenges faced during the second quarter. She demonstrated her outstanding commitment to our values by absorbing additional job responsibilities for those on leave while concurrently training two staff members on new job responsibilities. She also demonstrated strong leadership skills by initiating and managing various transition plans that occurred simultaneously. Sonia has extensive job knowledge and shares it by being a good teacher to the rest of the team. Sonia’s actions made a positive difference to the credit union by helping the department get through this transition period seamlessly and made it look so effortless, all while a part-time employee.

Team AwardsWith the process of opening a new branch, which included the hiring of the Kihei Branch staff, together as a team, Mary, April, Shellie, Kimberly, and Dora of the Kahului Branch did not hesitate to roll up their sleeves to help train our new employees while handling their daily responsibilities. The team remained 100% committed and worked together to share their knowledge with the new staff. They maintained our core values: Service by the way they kept a positive attitude; Integrity by remaining respectful of one another’s level of understanding and learning; Unity by knowing our team goal; Achievement by overcoming challenges of day - to - day situations and sharing their skills and knowledge to benefit our new employees in their career at HawaiiUSA.

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Get Some Savings!

HawaiiUSA members have access to the Invest in America program which offers discounts from various online retailers including Sprint. With Sprint’s Credit Union Discount Plan, you’ll get:

Visit, call 877.SAVE.4.CU, or visit your local Sprint retail location.

Use ID code NACUC_ZZM to receive this exclusive discount.

Switch to Sprint and get a $100 service credit for each line you move from another carrier from now until 12/31/2012. Request your service credit within 72 hours of activation at

Invest in America

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Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours

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