A little more about me

My hometown

Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Why did I become a Business Development Officer?

I became a Business Development Officer because I thoroughly enjoy making a connection with people, while finding opportunities to grow and learn new things. I thrive on being in different environments daily, and most importantly I value cultivating relationships with people. I wanted to help educate others in every and any community to become better with their finances. And now as a Senior Business Development Officer, I’m able to share my financial experiences with others, while breaking down financial barriers so they may share their situations with me. I enjoy being able to help our members, our local communities, and business partners get through tough financial situations with guidance and financial planning that best fits their individual needs. In my role, I also get to be in the business of building lasting relationships with others to help them reach their financial dreams. I’ve learned throughout the years, that not everything is one size fits all, which is why it’s important to me to do a great job at partnering and collaborating with our business partners to see how we can help support you and your employees. I pride myself in having genuine conversations with everyone I meet and enjoy working with my contacts in various industries to learn more about their company culture and how HawaiiUSA can be a supportive partner for them.

Why does financial wellness matter?

Having empathy, humility and service in your heart is extremely important to me. People will feel how genuine you are, or if you’re trying to sell them something. Listening is also an imperative skill to have, if you don’t listen to others you will not hear their story, struggle, battles, or wins. Listening enables me to help others in providing them with support, resources and guidance that will fit their needs.

What do I do when not at work?

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my two sons and husband. When there are no sports on our schedule, we enjoy driving all over town to try different places to eat, going to the beach, and sometimes we’re just homebodies.