Flexible spaces

Accommodate anywhere from 10 to 150 people

Digital features

Audio/visual equipment is available 

Conveniently located

Gather at our Main Branch in Honolulu 

Reserve a community room for your meetings, trainings, and seminars. 

Starting February 1, 2024: Community Room reservations are temporarily unavailable until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience and will update this page as soon as we are able to begin accepting new reservation applications.

Here's how to request your HawaiiUSA community room: 

  1. Review the Community Room Application Agreement (temporarily unavailable)

  2. Email the completed Application and Agreement to [email protected]

  3. We will email you within 3-5 business days about the status of your request

Frequently Asked Questions

The HawaiiUSA Community Rooms are conveniently located near downtown and the freeway, on the same property as our Main Branch and operations.

The Community Rooms are available weekdays between 8:30am – 5:30pm

Rates and fees vary depending on the duration of your reservation, amount of space (we have two different rooms which can be combined into one large space), and amenities. We also offer discounts for nonprofit organizations. 

Yes, covered, on-site parking is available for a fee.

The client organization is responsible for set-up and breakdown. Tables and chairs are provided.

Trash bags and cleaning supplies are provided. Mahalo for leaving the Community Rooms in good condition for the next organization.


LIMITATION ON USE. HawaiiUSA reserves the right to decline use subject to applicable law. Community Rooms are available for occasional use only, and are not intended for regular periodic use by the client. Usage is intended primarily for educational, business meeting and, training purposes, and not social events. Community Rooms shall not be used for physical or other activity that may have a risk of injury or damage greater than office use. Community Rooms may not be used for any purpose in competition with goods and services offered by HawaiiUSA (including without limitation financial services). Priority and pricing is in HawaiiUSA’s sole discretion, and may depend on purpose, activity, and the person/organization using the facility.