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Résumé and Interview Tips

Use this quick guide to make the most out of your job application process with HawaiiUSA.

Cover Letter and Résumé

These documents serve as the first impression you make on a potential employer. Take pride in their appearance and messaging.

Cover Letter

  • Be Unique. The cover letter allows you to personalize your application. Set yourself apart from other applicants by explaining why you want to work for us.


  • Be Concise. A résumé should be no longer than two pages with an easy-to-read layout filled only with pertinent information.
  • Be Consistent. Standardized text formatting adds crisp professionalism to your document.
  • Be Thorough. Include all pertinent information pertaining to work history and job titles.

The Interview

Both the applicant and the company representatives are learning more about each other during this step in the process. Be certain you make a good impression:

  • Be Prepared. Arrive on time in appropriate dress. Questions will emerge based on the information on your résumé, so be ready to discuss work experiences and how you react in certain work situations.
  • Be Assertive. The interview is a two-way street, so make sure you ask questions that will help you learn more about HawaiiUSA. Both you and the organization should agree that your potential employment will be a good fit.
  • Be Yourself. We value diversity and want to know who you are, not who you think we want you to be.

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