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Our Culture Matters

HawaiiUSA’s culture is a direct reflection of the personalized service we provide to our members and the respect and professionalism we exhibit to each other. Our Core Values were carefully designed by our staff and capture the culture we strive to live and perpetuate each day.


  • We create a positive impression/outcome during each interaction.
  • We build strong member confidence and satisfaction.
  • Our members and employees find value in their interactions with us.


  • Our word is trusted: What we say is what we do.
  • We are respectful and honest in all business and interpersonal dealings.
  • We take a broader view, making decisions based on what’s best for members, the organization and our teammates.


  • Every day, we live our organization’s vision and culture of assisting one another.
  • We support and work with others until the goal is achieved.
  • We collaborate to resolve conflicts in a manner that benefits everyone.


  • We continuously seek opportunities to enhance our skills and knowledge within the profession.
  • We are responsible and our results are tied to personal accountability.
  • Our resiliency allows us to overcome challenges and adapt to change

Contact Us

Call: (808) 844.8350

HawaiiUSA FCU For more information, call HawaiiUSA FCU at (808) 534.4300 or toll-free (800) 379.1300, click or visit one of our branches.
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