Credit Union History

HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union has been providing financial services to our members for over 75 years. In 1936, teachers and principals on the Island of Oahu bonded together to form three credit unions based on grade levels that took advantage of the new federal regulations enabling organizations with a common bond to form credit unions.

Our Credit Union opened its doors on November 6, 1936 as Oahu Teachers No. 3 Federal Credit Union. Our field of membership was comprised of elementary school teachers of schools in the Honolulu District, as well as teachers of schools of all grade levels in what was then called “rural” Oahu. Over the years, our credit union benefited from the tremendous growth of population and the corresponding expansion of the school system in the Leeward, Central and Windward districts.


Our credit union ended its first year of operation with 138 members and assets of $4,499. We have since grown into the largest credit union in Hawaii by asset size of more than $1 billion, and is also the largest credit union by membership with more than 131,000 members being served through 12 branch locations on the islands of Oahu and Maui.  

The membership has changed to include not only teachers, but also principals and other school employees such as secretaries, counselors, cafeteria workers, volunteers and janitorial staff. Employees of all schools (not only elementary) outside the Honolulu school district as well as students and parents are eligible to join. In 1971, our name was changed to Oahu Educational Employees Federal Credit Union.


For many years, the membership remained predominately teacher and school oriented, providing a stable yet maturing membership base. There were several amendments to our charter expanding the field of membership to its current approved position, which include 5,800-plus Select Employee Groups (SEGs). A significant membership amendment occurred when the definition of immediate family member was revised to include those living outside of the household.

On February 23, 2000, the Board of Directors approved to change our name to HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union. This process of a name change was important not only to accurately reflect the changes in our membership but also to gain a marketing advantage for membership expansion. Although our core membership and focus remains with the educational community, the passage of legislation by Congress allowed HawaiiUSA FCU to aggressively seek membership expansion through Select Employee Groups. After months of planning and pre-notifications, the conversion to our new name was completed on July 1, 2000. Our new name better depicts our current field of membership and lays the foundation to provide service to our members statewide and possibly nationwide.

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