Life matters Testimonial Contest Winner - Congratulations Deanne Pong!

Grand Prize Winner: Deanne Pong

Deanne received the most Facebook votes and in doing so won herself the Grand Prize of $500! Thank you for sharing your story with us and for allowing us to be a part of your family's lives. Deanne's testimonial can be seen below:

"As a member of Hawaii USA FCU I know that my life matters.  In April my daughter was hospitalized and diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma while a 16 cm mass sat on her lungs.  Helping her care for her newborn son while she was fighting for her life would not have been possible without the help of Hawaii USA and Stella Dinong (Aiea Branch).  Because of your commitment to my family I know that my life matters.  My daughter, also a member has the peace of mind that her life matters.  When faced with adversity your commitment to my life matters!”

Congratulations also to our four Runner-Ups!

There were just too many wonderful testimonials to narrow it down to just one Grand Prize winner. We also had four other finalists, each winning $250 of their own. Their winning testimonials are as follows:


Liz De Oliveira

“My Life Matters moment happened when an understanding and professional loan specialist, Zack calmed my fears. I was beside myself when an auto dealership loan officer was not returning my calls. There was an existing loan that needed to be paid and a new loan that needed processing. So, who do I call? Well, I was referred to Zack. Zack talked me through the process, got me answers and instructed me on what I needed to do. In less than 24 hours after our third conversation the situation was corrected. Zack showed me by his actions that My Life Matters!”


Kanoe Tabata

“I joined Hawaii USA at a time in my life where I was trying to get my life together financially. They suggested I apply for a debt consolidation loan and an overdraft protection line. They treat me like family every time I walk in. Five years later, and I can proudly say that I have paid off both of those things, and I am beginning to save for a home and future family vacations. Using the tools available with Hawaii USA, I am feeling secure and strong financially and I could not see myself banking with any other institution.”


Sheila Escalona

"After I was diagnosed with cancer, I felt hopeless and alone and frightened. I needed to focus on my healing and took a six months leave of absence. I was blessed to have received donations from family and friends and other resources such as donated leave to continue receiving a paycheck. I turned to a familiar local federal credit union known to most people in my circle. They refinanced my auto loan so that my monthly payments were significantly reduced and granted me a line of credit which gave me a sense of security that I would be okay.”


Christine Singsongkham

“HawaiiUSA has made a huge impact in my life, from opening my first checking and savings account to depositing my first paycheck to "adulting” and getting my first credit card then getting a personal loan.  As I got older, bills started catching up, things started getting tough and I never knew the right time to ask for help. But all it took was one visit with a service rep at a HIUSA branch and all I can say is THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. I can honestly say I am a proud member of HawaiiUSA.”


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