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It's our pleasure to offer you these valuable coupons and discounts from HawaiiUSA FCU business members who wish to share benefits with all members. These coupons are offered without charge.


Simply print out these coupons and present them to any of the participating businesses, along with a personal ID that shows your HawaiiUSA FCU membership. Our Select Employee Groups (SEGs) are happy to offer discounts to fellow members. Please check back often to see if new coupons are available from our SEGs, which include restaurants, retail stores, automotive service businesses, home service business and more. 

These coupons are available to you immediately for your benefit:

These coupons are intended for the exclusive use of HawaiiUSA FCU members. HawaiiUSA FCU, however, assumes no liability for any and all claims arising as a result of the use of these coupons and the products and/or services provided.