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Common Money Beliefs

Where you seek financial advice says a lot about you.

How do you decide where to open your first bank account, how to budget or pay bills? Although you might have been lucky enough to learn life skills in high school, most young adults don’t receive formal financial education. So, it’s likely you’ll need to seek guidance when it comes to money management.

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Spend Wisely: Earning and spending within your means

Good vs. Bad Spending

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Income Essentials

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Budgeting Basics

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Save Wisely: Saving for now, later, and the unexpected

Emergency Fund Boot Camp

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Borrow Wisely: Building credit and using it responsibly

Breakdown of a Credit Score

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Boost Your Credit Score

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Loan Basics

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Buying a Used Car

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Plan Wisely: Investing and protecting your money

Owning vs. Renting a Home

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