Gathering tax documents

How can I obtain tax forms for my HawaiiUSA accounts?


Earned Income Tax Credit

Who qualifies? There are several qualifications, including income less than $57,414. See the IRS qualifications

What forms do you need to claim it? Consult your tax advisor, but here are Hawaii 2021 forms to get started:

Form N-11 Individual Income Tax Return

Schedule CR Schedule of Hawaii Tax Credits

Form N-356 Earned Income Tax Credit


Filing resources

Free filing services – Visit to see if you qualify

Discounts on filing services - HawaiiUSA Members can get discounts on TurboTax and H&R Block



Getting a refund?

Learn about direct deposit

Deposit your paper check using your mobile phone


Owe taxes?

Learn about IRS payment options and due dates

Learn about loan options


IRS resources

Filing your taxes



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