Medical student Kelvin Naito is pursuing his passion for giving back to the community by studying medicine and becoming a doctor. But following that dream has a price tag attached to it.

“My student debt definitely makes me anxious and worried, and it makes me think about my financial planning for the future.”

Kelvin opened his first checking account at HawaiiUSA before leaving for college on the mainland. “Being on my own in college, going to Boston for my undergraduate … I kind of had to grow up real quick.” He used Digital Banking to manage his spending, even far from home. It empowered him to not be completely financially dependent on his parents.

“I learned about the HawaiiUSA scholarship through word of mouth. So for HawaiiUSA providing me that scholarship, it really helps me out and eases the burden for me to continue my education and continue to pursue a goal of being a doctor. Although it's super hard and challenging and a huge time commitment, it's definitely worth it.”


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