My Money Story

Febelie Rodriguez

Freshman at Leeward Community College


Q: How did your money story begin? 

A: I was born in the Philippines and my family moved to Hawaii when I was seven. As a farmer, my dad instilled in me the value of earning money through physical hard work. He gave me five pesos each day in exchange for doing chores.

When I came to America, I realized that higher education could mean higher pay. I became obsessed with money. It drove my dreams; it controlled me and I was never satisfied. 

Q: What happened that changed your view of money?

A: I started learning about money while working at HawaiiUSA's Student Operated Credit Union at Waipahu High School. As a teller I realized that people have different views of money that are different from mine. They might choose to spend it on things when I would rather save, or they might want to invest in something that didn't appeal to me. And that was OK. Money is not something to be afraid of; it's a tool to use according to your values. 

Q: How has this transformed your future?

A: Now I know that I'm in control. I can make money work for me, but it's not the answer in itself. For example, before I wanted to become a doctor just to make money. I completed a real estate class because I was obsessed with money. Then I realized that I have a lot to learn about marketing myself and other aspects of business, which is what I'm really interested in. So I'm pursuing a major in Exploratory Business because that's what I really want to learn. 

I'm also passionate about helping others be financially well. A healthy view of money can improve every area of your wellbeing: physical, emotional, and mental. 




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