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Are you the hero who slays the debt dragon, or the one who finds a place to call home sweet home? Do you turn that side gig into your main gig, or become a college graduate in your 20’s ... or 40’s? Talking story about money will empower you to transform your future.

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Real money stories

These members transformed their futures with help from HawaiiUSA

When owning a home seems out of reach


Crystal dreamed of owning a home, but as a public school teacher it didn't seem possible.

“I felt extremely anxious and uneasy about every financial decision I was making. Debt consumed me from every direction, and I needed a lot of guidance and support to start on the right path."

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A future based on fear

As a teen, an unhealthy view of money was already driving Febelie's decisions.

“I was obsessed with money. I let it control me. It drove my career dreams and if I'm honest, I was scared I would never have enough."

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A struggling small business


Darla started her small business in 2020, just two years after her husband took the leap into entrepreneurship.

"It was all very scary and overwhelming. We had risked everything to start our businesses.  It was very challenging just to get the business started ... then COVID hit."

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A growing family's needs

Katherine's family was growing, and so were their needs.

"My husband wanted financial guidance and support. He felt unsupported at other
institutions." Each family milestone was a big investment: from their wedding to buying their first car and home. 

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What makes the credit union experience special?

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