Like many high school students, Marc didn’t have a plan for his money. “I didn’t pay much attention to my financial situation or even track what I was spending my money on. I would normally receive an allowance from my parents and spend it on whatever I wanted.”

As a manager at HawaiiUSA’s Student Operated Credit Union in Waipahu High School, he learned what it meant to be financially healthy. “I knew that I needed to learn more about money management because of my excessive and unnecessary spending.”

“I believe the lessons that were taught by HawaiiUSA in our finance class extremely helped my financial situation. As a college student, I am more frugal and am tracking all my expenses online through the HawaiiUSA app. I use it to keep track of my savings and checking account balance as well as scholarship money that will be put towards tuition and other college expenses.”



Get started with money basics

Learn at your own pace with these bite-sized learning modules


Paying for College

What college costs should you consider? What if savings and scholarships aren’t enough?


Preventing Overdraft Fees

Learn why overdraft fees occur and how to avoid them.


Why You Should Pay More Than the Minimum Balance on Your Credit Card

How credit card debt gets out of control


Put your learning into practice with a checking account

Follow Marc’s lead and put your skills to the test. Create healthy money habits with your debit card, and you’ll be better prepared, no matter where your plans take you.


Explore Kasasa Cash Back Checking



Track every dollar with Digital Banking

Get the free app Marc uses to manage his saving and spending





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